Rumplejornia Gandyfroom (remnantsaflame) wrote in misery_kitchen,
Rumplejornia Gandyfroom


Just joined this community today. Just wanted to say hi, and maybe spark some discussion ...

My favorite C93 album is probably Thunder Perfect Mind ... the lush production and melodic arrangements work so well juxtaposed against Tibet's vocals. I'm so fond of "A Song for Douglas After He's Dead" ... so beautiful! I of course also love All the Pretty Little Horses, Soft Black Stars (so solemn and graceful), Earth Covers Earth ... For some reason, I really like listening to All Dolled Up Like Christ ... something about feeling Tibet and the whole band's energy, playing together live. I absolutely love "Diana" on "Horsey" ... it's so brutal and scathing! The dissonance, the distortion, David's gutwrenching screaming ...

Hopefully, C93 touring the U.S. next year will come to pass, and I'll get to see them.

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