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Cursed art thee...

I could not resist the pull of this community...which I discovered while randomly checking out communities which listed "Current 93" as an interest...while I confess, I have not watched Iron Chef in a while, the combination is oddly compelling.

By way of a better introduction, tho, I very conveniently recently posted a summary of every C93 cd I own (I am in the process of listening to every CD in my husband's and my collection, which promises to be an interesting multi-year project), which you can peruse under the cut...

In the meantime, whist being tugged this way and that, I have been listening to music that yanks me back in time...Current 93 was once one of the staples of my frequently played disks. I would guess that from 1992-1996, barely a week went by in which I did not listen to C93 or one of their sister bands, Death in June (yes, I know, we will get to that later) and Sol Invictus. I went to both NYC shows in 1996. I really liked this band.

I first heard C93 on a mix tape that an acquaintance made me my freshman year of college. DIJ, SI, Siouxie, Nick Cave, Bauhaus and a few other bands rounded out the mix. It was a lovely, sad little tape and I wore the dang thing out, I listened to it so much. It was the first time I had been exposed to gothy music that wasn't played at clubs. I really really liked it.

These are in rough chronological order from the time of the recording/initial release, not necessarily in the actual order of CD release (i.e., Durtro 1 may be listed after Durtro 10, simply because 10 is a re-release of music that pre-dates 1).

C93 can be broken down into three periods in my mind - the noisy period (1982-1988), the apocalyptic folk period (1988-1992 and my personal favorite) and the minstrel-ethereal period (1993-present). These are obviously not perfect breakdowns, but, heh.

Nature Unveiled (1984/1991) - mostly noise, but "The Mystical Blood of Christ" has some interesting chatty moments

Dogs Blood Rising (1984/1995) - I got this CD at the Virgin Megastore in Norwich in 1996. It is from the noise period.

Live at Bar Maldoror (1985) - starts off nicely, but gets very ambient very quickly...

In Menstrual Night (1986) - in my mind, this was a very noisy album, but it is much more melodic than I remembered. I think that I bought this from The Preacher Wore Black in Chicago...

Dawn (1988) - ambient, not quite even noise...

Imperium (1988) - not too hard, not too soft, but not quite right, either...

"Crowleymass" (1988 - w/HOH) - very very fun.."Don't give us no sass or we'll kick your ass..."

Christ and the Pale Queens Mighty in Sorrow (1988) - Love the song "Ballad of the Pale Christ", you can kind of hear the beginnings of the folk transition here...

Swastikas for Noddy (1988) - I had not listened to this CD much. I think I bought it off of someone from a.g back in the day. It has many of my very favorite songs and is probably going to hit my regular rotation. The title is somewhat unfortunate, but we can talk about that later, like when we hit DIJ in a few weeks...

Earth Covers Earth (1988) - I first heard this CD in the apartment of a guy that I met at a party in Chicago. Interesting fellow - turns out he was hitting on me to make his shortly thereafter fiancee jealous. I guess it worked. But, he made good coffee and I remember really liking this disk at the time. I didn't like it quite as much when I heard it again, so maybe it was the coffee talking.

Looney Runes (1990) - this was one of the first C93 cds I bought and I still adore it. It is mostly from live shows in Japan and has lots of songs from Noddy.

Horsey (1990/1997) - I am particularly fond of the first three tracks...

Island (1991, w/HOH) - very mellow, has a version of "Crowleymass" and some other good tracks. Oscillates between mellow and peppy.

As the World Disappears... (1991) - spooky, folky live album

Thunder Perfect Mind (1992) - This is the first CD I bought by C93. Almost delicate for most of the CD, "Hitler as Kalki" is the is an interesting song...again, perhaps an essay another day.

Emblems: The Menstrual Years (1993) - I am pretty sure that Jim bought this for me for x-mas the first year we were together. It is a great intro to someone new to the band, because it spans everything to is okay as a best of for a fan, but I would have chosen other songs/versions in a lot of places.

Of Ruine and Some Blazing Starre (1994) - pretty, mellow, with some interesting growly bits...

"Lucifer over London" (1994) - "Sad Go Round" is absolutely lovely.

"Tamlin" (1994) - neat English folksong which would definitely go on a C93 highlights cd, iffin I were to make one...

Where the Long Shadows Fall (Beforetheinmostlight) (1995) - the first of a trilogy - a 20 minute tape loop that I may have thought was neat when it came out, but am inclined to think is lazy now.

All the Pretty Little Horses (The Inmost Light) (1996) - a full length album with some decent tracks. The Nick Cave version of the title track is a definite highlight

The Starres are Marching Sadly Home (Theinmostlighthtirdandfinal) (1996) - another single track disk, this one more varied and interesting than Long Shadows.

"A Gothic Love Song" (1988) - I got this when we were last in London. Kind of fun.
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